People perish from lack of knowledge.

“Beauty catches the eye, but personality captures a heart. Make sure you have way more to offer than just your looks, and you’ll get exactly what you deserve.” – SunKissAlba

Verse that impacts me everyday… “People perish from lack of Knowledge.”

Lets walk this journey together and lets fill one another with knowledge. I currently try to read whenever I get free time, trying to focus on BUILDING free time to read, if we wait to have “free” time, we will never read or take time to focus on building ourselves. I read the bible and books from Christian authors. I also listen to sermons at work, in the morning while getting ready and sometimes while driving. (can’t do this much, because Jas takes a deep sigh of torture. lol) My favorites thus far are TD Jakes, Myles Munroe, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. You can YouTube their videos or chose one of your own.

Lets focus this week on reading, listening to sermons, or simply listening to God for 5 mins a day. And as we grow together we can add more time.

Please feel free to comment or share any of your experiences or even any books you’re reading or sermons you’re listening to.

Good Day Ya’ll.

Hey Girls Hey!

You may be wondering who I am and why I have created a blog.
I will give you a little intro of who I am and my purpose for this blog.

My name is Lorena. I am twenty something years old. Few years shy to thirty. Why I don’t give my real age, I don’t know. lol I’m pretty sure I’ve told people my exact age before and I’m pretty sure its registered on one of my pages. But for now we will keep it that way. As I write my future posts I promise to blurt it out. My main goal is to be as transparent as possible to be able to encourage and help other women to live life on this earth freely. (Bare with me, I’m breaking out of my shell, and this takes time.) I have a BEAUTIFUL, intelligent, loving and sweet 4 year old daughter Jaslene, who has been the best thing that has happened to me on this earth. Well, it actually falls right besides to accepting Jesus into my life. I have been a Christian Church goer since May 2014. Will speak more on my beliefs and church experiences throughout my future blogs. I currently work fulltime as an accountant for a Logistics Broker, I love my job but am seeking to enhance my education further and get a job with better benefits. (would like to retire one day with paid a pension, just saying.) So I am currently enrolled as a part time college student.

It has been placed in my heart to start a blog and just write. I began feeling to write months ago, but I have been in denial. I’m extremely shy (people who actually know me can stop laughing now). I’m shy and quiet around new people I do not know, and I won’t open up because I’ve built myself not to let people in due to past hurt experiences, am learning to overcome this. Once I let you in, put your seatbelt on because I will be the funniest, most annoying clown you will ever meet. I can be nice too. =)
Ladies please please bare with me, God has placed this in my heart and I have FINALLY decided to be obedient to share my story and what I’ve learned throughout my experiences. I will share how God has turned my wrongs for better.
So months ago, BOOM this share your story, write a blog and write a book was placed in my heart. I created a blog in Oct 2014 wrote two post and walked away. Ever since then, I’ve received all this emails asking me “have you written you book?”, “do you fear to start a blog?”, and the one that hit me was on of Heather Lindsay’s post, (a Christian women I consider my spiritual sister) she mentioned “your disobedience to your calling can affect nations!”
And just like that it hit me, I need to stop playing games, trust God and start this blog.

So here I am, and again, please bare with me. I’m jumping in the boat and trusting God with this blog.


My beautiful lady friends, here is a little message from my heart to yours. Take a moment to yourselves, go down the street and sit at Starbucks, getaway for a weekend but alone or even take a drive somewhere. The purpose for this is to be free, to free your mind and to analyze your self-worth, your value, and how high are your standards? What do you want out of life? What is your purpose? Where do you see yourself in five years from now? Think about what YOU want and not what is the RIGHT thing, don’t get loss into societies rules. Don’t ever settle for easier career, or the easier job, and put your dreams aside because of fear of accomplishing the harder task. If you know what you want follow your heart and go for it. I fell in love with this quote, “If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.” You can achieve what you put your heart and mind to no matter how far or how big it may SEEM. If you thought of it and you dreamed of it, you can have it. Don’t ever settle for a man who gave you a little bit of attention, someone you don’t really know, and someone who has blinded you with an act of kindness. Everyone you meet is kind, loving, charming at the beginning. When applying for a job you need to write a résumé. On this résumé you list your qualifications, achievements, and your skills. On a résumé you never list your flaws, what you lack in or your weaknesses, the employer sees this with TIME after being hired. The same goes with dating, this man is going to show you his résumé, and he will SEEM perfect. Please do not ever settle, every woman is entitled to God’s best. When you settle you are giving up someone you love or something of value for less than desired. You give up on yourself. Settling automatically devalues your worth. You fall into this state of mind that you are not able to satisfy your needs or wants and you end up choosing someone or something of lower standards or value. So I repeat, getaway, analyze your life and your lifestyle. What is it that you want? Do you see your growth in five years? Do not settle ladies, know your worth!


As children we were constantly disciplined by our parents, teachers and other adults. As children discipline to us meant – the practice of training by our parents to obey rules or a code of behavior, accepting punishment from our parents or other adults to correct our disobediences. Our parents disciplined us to shape us into responsible well-educated adults, and to be prepared for the adult life. When we were disobedient our parents disciplined us to keep us in the right direction. But how about when we become adults, who manages to keep the discipline cycle in our lives? Do we continue to discipline ourselves? Or we assume we no longer need discipline and our parents’ duty of discipline meets an end?

Today, adults struggle with maintaining disciplined in their goals. Whether its exercising, staying on a diet, looking for a better opportunity and not staying stagnant, or even maintaining an organized schedule. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?

Discipline in your life is an activity or experience that provides mental or physical training. If you constantly train yourself daily in all aspects of life, how awesome can you be? You create your own system of rules. You can grab a bible, join a church for direction and seek God for guidance. Once you have your regimen, know your purpose and/or your calling you can conquer the world, your dreams, be extraordinary and be different.

If you discipline yourself in the areas you struggle in it will soon become a habit. Once it becomes a habit it is difficult to break from it.

Many people live life day by day with dead dreams due to lack of dead discipline.  If you have a dream or you’re passionate about something discipline yourself in that area, talk to God about it and go conquer it!