As children we were constantly disciplined by our parents, teachers and other adults. As children discipline to us meant – the practice of training by our parents to obey rules or a code of behavior, accepting punishment from our parents or other adults to correct our disobediences. Our parents disciplined us to shape us into responsible well-educated adults, and to be prepared for the adult life. When we were disobedient our parents disciplined us to keep us in the right direction. But how about when we become adults, who manages to keep the discipline cycle in our lives? Do we continue to discipline ourselves? Or we assume we no longer need discipline and our parents’ duty of discipline meets an end?

Today, adults struggle with maintaining disciplined in their goals. Whether its exercising, staying on a diet, looking for a better opportunity and not staying stagnant, or even maintaining an organized schedule. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?

Discipline in your life is an activity or experience that provides mental or physical training. If you constantly train yourself daily in all aspects of life, how awesome can you be? You create your own system of rules. You can grab a bible, join a church for direction and seek God for guidance. Once you have your regimen, know your purpose and/or your calling you can conquer the world, your dreams, be extraordinary and be different.

If you discipline yourself in the areas you struggle in it will soon become a habit. Once it becomes a habit it is difficult to break from it.

Many people live life day by day with dead dreams due to lack of dead discipline.  If you have a dream or you’re passionate about something discipline yourself in that area, talk to God about it and go conquer it!

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