People perish from lack of knowledge.

“Beauty catches the eye, but personality captures a heart. Make sure you have way more to offer than just your looks, and you’ll get exactly what you deserve.” – SunKissAlba

Verse that impacts me everyday… “People perish from lack of Knowledge.”

Lets walk this journey together and lets fill one another with knowledge. I currently try to read whenever I get free time, trying to focus on BUILDING free time to read, if we wait to have “free” time, we will never read or take time to focus on building ourselves. I read the bible and books from Christian authors. I also listen to sermons at work, in the morning while getting ready and sometimes while driving. (can’t do this much, because Jas takes a deep sigh of torture. lol) My favorites thus far are TD Jakes, Myles Munroe, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. You can YouTube their videos or chose one of your own.

Lets focus this week on reading, listening to sermons, or simply listening to God for 5 mins a day. And as we grow together we can add more time.

Please feel free to comment or share any of your experiences or even any books you’re reading or sermons you’re listening to.

Good Day Ya’ll.

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